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Meet Our Staff

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  • Jessi Smith, Master Level StylistJessi Smith - Master Level Stylist

    Jessi is a Master level stylist at our salon. She specializes in Hair, Color & High Lights,... (read more)

  • Colleen Hughes, Senior Level StylistColleen Hughes - Senior Level Stylist

    Colleen graduated from Robert Paul Academy and has been working locally as a hairstylist for 8+... (read more)

  • Kaitlyn  Powell, Senior Level StylistKaitlyn Powell - Senior Level Stylist

    8+ years of experience.  Kaitlyn has recently  joined the Freestyle Family. Welcoming her... (read more)

  • Rachel Makowski, Senior Level StylistRachel Makowski - Senior Level Stylist

    Rachel is specially trained in color, cutting, Brazilian Blowout, texturizing systems and... (read more)

  • Sharita King, Artist Level StylistSharita King - Artist Level Stylist

    Sharita comes froma long line of successful hair dressers. She has been doing hair for 8+ years .... (read more)

  • Julie Franks, Artist Level StylistJulie Franks - Artist Level Stylist

    10 plus years experience - Always ready to help you achieve a fresh new look, whether it be a cut,... (read more)

  • Chrissy Kaltenbacher, Artist Level StylistChrissy Kaltenbacher - Artist Level Stylist

    Chrissy is an Artist Level Stylist at our salon.

  • Lindsay Mack, Artist Level StylistLindsay Mack - Artist Level Stylist

    I've always had a passion for hair. I love meeting new people and using my creative capabilities... (read more)

  • Sarah Thompson, Designer Level StylistSarah Thompson - Designer Level Stylist

    I have always had a passion for the beauty industry and every aspect involved in it. Therefore I... (read more)

  • Elizabeth Malone, Designer Level StylistElizabeth Malone - Designer Level Stylist

    Elizabeth is a young stylist that enjoys meeting new people and working with them to find a look and... (read more)

  • Jessica Davis, Nail TechnicianJessica Davis - Nail Technician

    Jessica has been in the industry for over 13 years. Graduating from the Capitol School of Nails in... (read more)

  • Shawna  Ruby, Nail TechnicianShawna Ruby - Nail Technician

    Shawna has been a nail technican for 15+ years. She specializes in hand buffed nail enhacments, both... (read more)

  • Kristen Sessa, EstheticianKristen Sessa - Esthetician

    Kristen has 6+ years of experience. Her specialties include: all waxing services, specifically brow... (read more)

  • Kristy Kauffman , EstheticianKristy Kauffman - Esthetician

    Kristy specialize in waxing services and brow shaping, along with the beautification and health of... (read more)

  • Kevin Araora, OwnerKevin Araora - Owner

    With an MBA from Harvard Business School, I managed the Marketing Division of an airline and... (read more)

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